Friday, October 29, 2010


My yellow and black dress design was picked in the Shabby Apple contest, so you can go here to see all the finalists, and then head over here to cast your vote (I'm #5. And that's really all that matters). :)
But really, I don't stand a chance. Not only are there some amazing dresses (I'm rooting for the yellow one with the sweet peter pan collar), but there are also some more popular bloggers that are getting all the votes. And in essence, it's a popularity contest. I knew that going into it. Oh well. But it's fun being picked and knowing that a lot of people have seen my design. That's a reward right there. :)

I've been sewing....

I have some fun tights that I want to start wearing, but I've decided that colorful tights look silly with fuller skirts. Or tiered skirts. And those are the only kinds of skirts I own. So I'm in the process of "getting with the times" and adding some more fitted skirts to my wardrobe. I decided to start with this fabric that I found at DI for $3. I love it. AND I had to sew a zipper in the which I could definitely use some practice. Yikes. But it works. And since I used up almost all of the fabric and wouldn't be able to get more.... ever.... I played it safe and hemmed the skirt by hand. My mom would be proud of that. :) Anyways, I love the skirt. I'm still getting used to walking in something a little tighter. It comes to my knees so I can't really put a slit in it. Oh well. Anything for fashion:

My next feat I did today. I had bought Zach a plaid shirt for Halloween (we were the Wizard Of Oz crew at our ward party - he was the Scarecrow. No, I didn't take any pictures.) and he wasn't ever going to wear it again. He said it wasn't soft enough (?). But I liked the pattern ok and figured it would be a good one to experiment with since it was only $2. So today I chopped it up and sized it down. I really need to get better at that. I always make everything just a little too small. But, that's why I'm practicing, right?

Here's the before:

Yeah, I'm looking ROUGH. I think it was about 8:30 in the morning. Give me a break (ok, I looked like that until probably 2:00).

Here's the after:

It's a start. Now I'll be keeping my eyes openned for fun button ups that I can "fix". What do you think?
And don't you like how the mess in the background evolved through the day?
And what's up with me wearing those boots in two different pictures??? I swear I'm not trying to make a fashion statement. They're more like slippers to me. Slippers that I wear...... everywhere..... all the time.....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

dress design for shabby apple dresses: #4 and #5

My last design(s) for Shabby Apple Dresses.
These are similar, but essentially two separate dresses. So I don't know why I'm doing them in one post.... other than to save time....
The tops would be the same blousy fabric with a slight puffed sleeve and a cowl neck.

Then I imagined a black high waisted skirt on one with a ruffle detail at one knee. Super fun, and as my friend said, "sassy."

The other dress would just continue with the blousy fabric all the way through and be belted at the waist. And pockets. :)

That's all!! I'll keep you all posted if I actually get anywhere with any of these (not likely, but wouldn't that be fun!?)

Thanks for looking!

dress design for shabby apple dresses: #3

Dress #3 for Shabby Apple Dresses.
Here's where my inner hippy tries to peek through. This dress is the same shape and chiffon fabric as the first dress, but with appliqued flowers and beading at the neck and hemline. Because really, what's more dainty than flowers and beading? My inspiration came from this Anthropologie top, which is to die for.

Again with the extra layer peeking out the bottom which adds a lot of movement to this one. And I love the idea of the flowers and leaves laying beyond the fabric at the neck and hemline.
Whew, are you getting sick of looking at dresses and reading my rambling yet??...

dress design for shabby apple dresses: #2

This is my second entry for Shabby Apple Dresses, but it's the first one that came into my head. I was reading someone's blog once and there was a picture of the wife in a shirt that had tiny ruffles at the shoulder of her shirt, and for some reason I couldn't stop looking at it. It was such a sweet little detail that I couldn't get it out of my head and it kept popping up on the dresses I was drawing.

I think this dress is super wearable. I imagined it in a comfortable knit, but I think it would also be really lovely in a chiffon/blousy type material. It would be pretty in a variety of colors: plum, a dusty pink, black.... In the knit I can see it being an easy, casual, every day kind of dress. I drew it with an extra layer peeking out of the hem which I find really cute. I want this dress. :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

dress design for shabby apple dresses: #1

I've been back and forth over whether or not I should enter any designs in the Shabby Apple Dresses Dare To Design challenge. There are a ton of talented people out there who REALLY know how to sew, so I feel like I don't even stand a chance. And it says the entry should include "ideas of fabric and colors and design inspiration," which has me totally freaked and feeling completely inadequate. BUT, it's been super fun coming up with dress designs that now I can't not enter. Anyways, here's my first design:

I love how feminine and simple this one is. It has a really classic silhouette with just a simple tie around the waist. I can imagine it in a flowy grey chiffon type material, perhaps a double layer so that it's not too sheer and so that there would be a lot of movement with it. I would obviously insist it had pockets. Don't you love dresses with pockets?? Genius. And functional. And I think you could easily pair this with a little cardigan and some fun accessories to make it your own. I don't know what to say my inspiration was since it just kind of popped into my head and then ended up on paper. But the sweetness of it makes me smile. And as Zach said, simply sketching the dresses inspired me. So, there ya go.
There's one dress down.... a couple more to go....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

watch out now

Hold onto your butts...... I made something! It's been a while. I actually made TWO things yesterday, but I can't post the other one as it is a Christmas present for my sister. But it's so perfect I'm tempted to send it as a "Halloween present." Or maybe a "just because present." We'll see.
Oh, or the other option - I may just keep it for myself. heh heh heh....

So the other day Zach tossed a giant hooded sweatshirt into my sewing room. I knew immeadiately I would turn the sleeves into sweatpants for one of the boys, but I figured the rest of the hoodie would just go on the scrap shelf. Pants out of sleeves is EASY. Seriously. I'll do a tutorial about it one day. We're talking, 15 minute project. Perfect.
Anyways, I made the pants and they were pretty cute, but I kept looking at the rest of the hoodie and thinking how cute it would be to have the huge kangaroo pouch pocket on the front of a little kid's sweatshirt. So I started cutting and staring and cutting some more and staring some more.... I really didn't think it would all work out in the end. I never do. I was scared that making it without sleeves would make it look girly, and I wouldn't know if it worked till this morning since I was doing all this at 11:00 last night.
Anyways, it worked and it is awesome. And Max loves it. I tried taking it off so I could put a sleeved shirt underneath, but he wouldn't let me take it off of him. And he LOVES putting his hands in the pockets. So cute. And such a poser:

The hood is a little snug, but it works:

And here he's showing me how smart it makes him feel:

If you know me then you know that I have issues with matching or wearing things that are meant to go together. But a grey hooded sweatsuit on a two year old??? Hilarious.